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  with sharp teeth and red eyes
         watching you from where he hides
Sebastian had not tried to hide amusement in his voice, since the entire thing was the boys own doing. "The young Master did order for me not to act upon my own thinking, so I must ask you how to proceed here. The guest have been around already for a hour or two, making them walk in circle shows simply no effect. " sighed the butler in almost annoyed whisper.

♔ — Why on earth would his butler ask him what to do with intruders and why did he not do so when it was actually necessary and had acted upon his own thinking several times, doing everything as he saw fit and for his own benefits? Ciel questioned himself. But remembering what kind of personality the male had…he should not wonder, should he?

“Ugh, go deal with them, just don’t disturb me any more,” were the last words one would think the earl had said before his head hit the pillow, ready to fall back to sleep; however, there was a low hiss full at the end, the edge of his voice was coated with threat.

“And if I hear any noises, Sebastian, you will pay…

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♔ — Whining, the little lord shifted himself uncomfortably. “No.” He did not want anything to drink or another source of warmth such as a blanket. Furthermore, he did not like the idea of being left alone again in the hand of something malicious that was disturbing his peaceful night. “I want it to stop.” For the cold to leave him alone was all he wished. Ciel knew it was not a fever that caused him this state. He was sure that the temperature of his room had just dropped suddenly and the chill was able to pierce his skin even under his duvet that was snug and cozy a moment ago.


⊱♌⊰―; The demon frowned as he looked at the fireplace. He walked over to it and knelt down. There was still enough wood to make an fire, so he did. A minute later the light of the fireplace lightened the room. He looked at the window, who was still closed. He walked back to the younger boy and looked at him, with the almost always present gentle smile on his face. "It should become warmer in here any moment. I shall leave you to rest. If you need me, you can call out my name." 


♔ — “N-no, don’t leave! Don’t let it hurt me!” Frightenedly, Ciel called out with his voice that was broken by the cold after he was told to be alone. “Sebastian, something is not right.” He searched for words to explain but failed miserably as he knew not, what exactly it was that put him in agony. His petite frame curled up into a ball, his hands pulling the blanket closer to himself if that was even possible.

"Should I let the 'guests' wander around a bit longer my Lord? Or should I make an appearance to greet them with most warm welcome tonight?"

♔ — He did slur at first when he was pulled out of his slumber but then the irritation made the sleepy boy wide awake as he heard the question spoken by the voice of his butler.

Fine brows were knitted before the small head was moved to the side where the tall figure stood in the shadow. A frown was already presented, followed by a few blinks and soon after, he opened his mouth.

"Did you just seriously wake me up to ask me that?!