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Kuro fandom: two Ciels theory blah blah blah
Me: why the fk is Book Of Circus only 10 eps long
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You guys ask why the hell it is so bothering to have two Ciels when it changes nothing.

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My problem with the Two Ciels theory is that it’s just… too late for it?

We went through 12 or is it 13 volumes and suddenly at the end, surpriiiiise it wasn’t even that Ciel all this time?

Now go through those 100000 pages you read the past few years and see all those hints that it wasn’t even Ciel

I’d feel kind of … cheated

Like, if one of the first volumes was based on that then fine, but at the end?

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. by mariell øyre on Flickr.

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   “AH! What the—Watch where you are going!” The young boy cried out as he bumped—no, someone bumped into him and a box of cake he was holding was dropped to the ground by the impact. “Are you blind or what?!” He shouted at the stranger while he quickly bent down to pick his thing up, whining as he knew that the content must have been ruined. The small male became even more enraged at the thought of losing his precious cake he had been standing in a long queue to get from a famous, busy bakery.


The tall male was walking down the crowdy street as fast as he could, trying to avoid the mass of sticky bodies that were filling the sidewalk barely leaving space for him to walk. He stopped looking ahead for a couple of seconds and instead looked at his feet, but the time was enough for him to bump with full force against someone- a small someone. Before he came back to his senses, he heard a high pitched voice yelling at him and he had to look down to find the petit boy- the dwarf- that was almost two heads shorter than him and had collided against his chest making it hurt really badly. It was funny, almost comical, how dwarfie believed he had the authority and began barking annoyingly to Sebastian like a chihuahua, but the male couldn’t hold it anymore and answered back. 
"You brat! You bumped against me! The fucking street doesn’t belong to you, shortie, so why don’t you fucking watch it next time?" He blamed the boy as he saw how he picked up a box that had a bakery’s name printed on top. A smirk appeared on his face as he moved his hand fast, hitting the box so it fell out of the bluenette’s hands and landed on the floor again and he didn’t waste time to step over it, smashing the contents that were inside and trying to piss the brat as much as he could. 
He moved ahead to continue his way, but not before turning his head to look at the boy with a mocking face and saying in a sarcastic voice “Have a nice day”. 

♔ — Ciel had never thought that someone like this, someone this rude and discourteous, really existed in this world, or rather, he had never thought that he would encounter one. The fact made him gape and his azure eyes wide in shock as every insult sunk in his head. He had expected at least a ‘sorry’ since he was clearly the victim and it was the black-haired male’s fault that they crashed into each other. With watery eyes, the teen looked at his damaged baked goods, feeling gazes full of pity on his body from people who had seen the incident. Small hands were balled into fists and soon the boy was fuming as his face reddened.

‘How dare he?!’

In a matter of seconds, the crumpled box was gathered. His feet were obedient to his vengeful mind as he ran toward the ravenette while he opened the carton. As the taller person was in his reach, he harshly grabbed the broad shoulder and forced the male to turn around, taking him by surprise. Without a word, he shoved the cake in the—as much as he hated to admit—handsome face and immediately took a step back. The pack fell down onto the male’s shoes, revealing his masterpiece for everyone to see. Quick breathes were took in and released but a smirk never left Ciel’s lips as he mentally laughed in satisfaction.

Bastard deserves it.

“Do you like my gift? As a thank you for fucking up my cake and my mood, I think it’s still not enough!

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is it just me, or ciel’s eyes are also a complete different shade? it’s been bothering me. like get yo facts right, he has beautiful eyes.

It’s not just you, dear. It used to be dark blue but now it’s kinda icy-blue. The color choice depends on the artist of course, since it’s not the same artist, the color changed :)

Jul 23 1:18 ( 25 )

The reason why the art in Kuro Book of Circus has changed so much comparing to the ss 1+2 because it’s not the same artist….

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To people who don’t like sebaciel

Excuse you, we don’t ship sebaciel because Yana has drawn her own yaoi manga and also doujinshi, god how could you even come up with this idea?

and we know that sebaciel is not fucking canon

some people say it is canon because they have problem understanding the word ‘canon’, yeah?

so instead of telling them it’s not canon and blah tell them to look up the word ‘canon’ and they will understand.

SEBACIEL’S RELATIONSHIP IS MUTUAL DISLIKE. OMFG THIS. How about show your evidence where yana said that sebaciel hate each other before you barked around about the post that sebaciel was meant to be yaoi?

I’m so fucking done with drama

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   Welcome back Ciel Phantomhive | ch. 95

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   Hey, just wondering if I could get a song list of the tracks that play on your blog?

Yeah :D

1. Schindler’s list theme (piano)

2. Gloria - Kalafina (musix box)

3. River flows in you (musix box)

4. Letting go - Isaac Shepard

5. Canon in D by Pachelbel - George Winston

6. Melodies of life - Final Fantasy IX (piano)

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