01. angel and devil
02. melodies of life
03. River flows in you
04. Canon
05. Schindler’s list
06. letting go

Song: with the wind
Artist: Yasunori Mitsuda
Plays: 2,036

Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Murder.  Illustration by Yana Toboso

Sebastian Michaelis|| Kuroshitsuji
Anonymous asked: what chapter are these from? /post/96370230578

It is a side story that comes with the anime DVD shared by  smirking-raven and translated by chocolatea-earl but unfortunately it got reuploaded on read online sites everywhere without permission which is not what they wished so they took the download link down. Now you can just look for chapter 96.5 on mangainn or elsewhere :)

Cutie Ciel with bubbles in his hair ; u ;

one hell of a butler

Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 89 / We Three, Bound By Fate

transparent Ciel


I am fabulous!
                  Original By Yana Toboso